“As the director of a nonprofit that works with traumatized children, I am always looking for ways to help my staff take care of themselves. Slowly but surely each one of my teammates is signing up for and taking Compassion Cultivation Training. The impact on our agency, as well as on our individual senses of well-being as been striking. Many of us have developed meditation practices, yoga practices, and other forms of self-care as a direct result of CCT. I would encourage any and all caregivers to give themselves the gift of CCT!”
– Mary Beth Swanson, Executive Director, Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center

“As a long time Buddhist practitioner (a tradition that puts a very strong emphasis on compassion), I thought I knew a lot about it. But I mostly thought of compassion as something nice you are supposed do for others to be a good guy; and it was an effort to keep that up. I rarely experienced the personal benefit of inner peace and clarity possible with compassion practice until I took Compassion Cultivation Training with Amanda. That experience of peace and clarity is really what it’s about. I highly recommend this class!”
– C.W.

“I experienced the 8 week CCT training with Amanda in 2016 and enjoyed it immensely. I really looked forward to the weekly sessions focused on the theme of compassion. It was uplifting, comforting and life serving.”
– B.J.

“The Compassion and Cultivation course I took through Stanford was exceptional. The quality of information and style of teaching during this course represented Stanford just as one would expect, magnificently. Amanda Mahoney is a great teacher who fostered an exciting and positive learning environment. The CCT training I received from her and Stanford University was life changing for me. It opened my eyes to different opportunities and new ways of thinking. I now live a more peaceful and fruitful life as a result of CCT. I utilize the skills I learned in only a few short months, each and every day.”
-Molly Woodhull

“The CCT 8-week program changed my perspective on every aspect of my life as a professional, spouse, mother, friend…everything. I have been able to take time out of my day to meditate, be grateful and be present. I am happy to say that I am taking better care of myself and those I surround myself with…and they see a difference. Taking CCT was the best decision I made for myself in a long time and Amanda Mahoney is a phenomenal facilitator.”
– H. Harrison

“I took Compassion Cultivation Training from Amanda Mahoney in Ft.Collins. The three main things that helped me the most were: RELAX, MEDITATE, and have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Thank you Amanda for tools to help me with these life skills.”
– D. French

“The CCT course has broadened my understanding of compassion and has given me the tools to make compassion a daily practice.  While I always had considered myself a compassionate person, I really only had a wafer thin understanding of all that compassion entails. Amanda Mahoney’s expertise and guidance brings this rich topic to life and peels back the many layers of what it means to live compassionately. CCT teaches self compassion and an understanding of our shared common humanity, which has given me the tools to face the challenges of life from a new perspective. We are very fortunate to have CCT offered to our local community and the course content has enriched my life beyond measure. I highly recommend CCT to anyone who desires to deepen their understanding in order to live an authentic compassionate life.”
– Tina Deringer, CCT participant

“Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training has become an invaluable resource to me, both personally and professionally.  I have found myself reaching for the meditations and resources as part of my self-care, and I have recommended the class and the tools I learned from the class to countless clients.  Amanda is a kind, caring, and compassionate leader who created a warm and nurturing environment for us to learn and grow.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in cultivating compassion for themselves and others.”
– Jessica Kuhn, MA, MFT

“I took Amanda’s Compassion Cultivation Training on the spring of 2015 and the experience has been life changing.  She gave me the tools to take a breath and find a deeper meaning in my relationship with myself and the people around me.  Striving to live with more compassion for myself and others has been a challenging and fulfilling experience.  Thanks Amanda for sharing Stanford’s amazing program with us here in Colorado!”
– C.G.